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∗ Attention Colonoscopy Patients ∗

Harmony Surgery Center has recently been made aware of a recall of one of our frequently used bowel prep medications, Magnesium Citrate.  This recall includes all brands of over-the-counter Magnesium Citrate Laxative Oral Solution Cherry, Grape and Lemon Flavor manufactured at Vi-Jon, LLC.

IF YOU HAVE A COLONOSCOPY SCHEDULED AND WERE GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MAGNESIUM CITRATE PREP,  PLEASE UTILIZE THE MIRALAX PREP INSTRUCTIONS IN PLACE OF THE RECALLED PRODUCT.  To locate MiraLAX instructions, click here:  https://harmonyasc.com/patient-information/forms/additional-patient-information/

– If you have purchased one of the affected bottles for an upcoming procedure, please return it to the store you purchased it from for a refund or replacement.

– If you have recently used Cherry, Grape and Lemon flavored Magnesium Citrate and feel you may have had an irregular reaction to the product, please report it on the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program either online, by mail or by fax (information can be found on the FDA recall site).



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